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Turbo Boost Hose - Water & Sludge

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Had the coil light blinking on the way to work on friday. Definitely felt lack of power on the highway. Luckily I was right by the exit for my dealership. Service took it for the day, found water & sludge in the turbo boost hose. They cleaned the hose and G31 sensor and cleared codes. They told me they have seen a few with this issue and that VW is working on a permanent fix. What that will be and when, who knows?

Has anyone else had this happen? Is it safe to drive if this light blinks again and I'm not close to service?

2010 Sportwagon, 6 sp. manuel, 22+k
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Yes, you can read all about it here: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/f7/cr-cold-weather-inspection-4197/ I don't know what VW's fix will be other than an extended warranty on that item. I hope they do fix it.
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