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When the next generation of clean diesels finally make their way into the hands of anxious American consumers, we expect some tuners to welcome them with open arms. After all, vehicles equipped with turbos from the factory are begging to be tweaked, and when it comes to diesels, the results can boost fuel economy, along with performance.

AC Schnitzer is already making inroads with BMW's dual-turbo 3-liter diesel, boosting output of the oilburner from 231 HP to 265 HP through a remapped ECU and a dual exhaust. Their S3 package not only includes tweaks to the engine, but also a fully reworked body kit. Designed for the new 3-series convertible, the kit comes complete with a new front spoiler, rear apron and side skirts, while the suspension gets a strut tower brace and a revised rear stabilizer bar.

An AC Schnitzer makeover wouldn't be complete without some trick rolling stock, so customers can choose between either 19- or 20-inch rims, with the latter sporting 245s up front and 295s in the rear.

While we can espouse the virtues of diesel all day long, what we're really looking forward to from AC Schnitzer is it upcoming tweaks to the twin-turbo three-liter six in the 335i. If the S3 is any indication, good things are on the way.
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