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I'm looking at a car ('97 manual Jetta diesel) and I'm having trouble getting it into first gear (and reverse actually) from neutral. If I sort of shimmy it into second then first it goes a little smoother. What is the most likely issue? Is it difficult to change?

The parking brake also cranks up super super easily but I think the brakes still engage. Can this be remedied easily?

Is a low-pressure power steering hose doable? My HP went and that was messy/costly and now my LP hose is bunk (stupid Canadian road salt!).


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Common problem. Try loosening the 10mm nut holding this down. It can break on high miles cars or bend enough so that it gets too much play.

Remove the center console and just the 2 nuts to change the parking brake handle. It should hold on the 3rd click. I just realized that the writeup on how to adjust the center console was only linked from 1 other article and not the main mk3 FAQ page. Now fixed and you can find it here: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q_how_to/a3b4/centerconsole.htm rear disc brakes are shown but parking brake handle adjustment is the same.
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