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trick for measuring proper tire inflation with paint

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This is a neat trick for measuring tire inflation. The correct tire inflation varies with how much weight that tire is carrying (if anything is in the car like people or luggage), and temperature. You can go off the manufacturer's suggestion or you can find out yourself for sure.

What you do is take some light colored water based paint and mark 4 spots around the edge of the sidewall-tread. Make sure it extends onto the tread. As you are driving, the paint will get worn away. When you are done, take a look and see how much paint is worn away. If the paint is still on some tread, it's overinflated. If the paint is worn on the sidewall, it's underinflated.

This takes into account your driving style as well. In other words , if you like to corner hard, it lets you know how much to inflate the front tires for maximum performance. When you are done, clean off the paint!
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I've heard that before as well, where did you pick that up?
The beauty is that it takes into account the car's balance and age of the suspension parts. Just going off the recommended tire inflation is a ballpark figure only.

It also lets you see any camber wear if you paint the inside edge of the tire too. not the whole thing, just 4 spots around the edge.
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