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Tree fungus that makes biodiesel

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jaw drops

This sounds weird but this tree fungus can make biodiesel? Just plant one in your backyard and tap it like maple syrup!

A group of researchers from the University of Montana State has discovered that a type of fungi, called Gliocadium roseum, that can make gaseus biodiesel from vegetal waste. Turning waste into fuel is a key to second-generation biofuels. This fungus has been found on a Patagonian tree called ulmo (Eucryphia cordifolia), and the remarkable quality is that it produces biodiesel in gaseous form. According to Gary Strobel from the Universtiy of Montana, "This is the only organism we've found in the world which is able to do such a thing [...] This gas can potentially make an engine turn." The investigators think that the fungus produces this gas in order to kill competing species, and in its composition they've found alcohols, octanes and esters - all of them part of diesel.
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Cool. I've heard of algae bio but it's not cost effective. If they can make next gen bio or syn diesel that is cost effective, then they've got a winning forumla.
A tree that releases biodiesel in gaseous form? Doesn't sound healthy to sit under...
Moving this thread to the biodiesel forum in a while.
Some plants make toxins to kill off competing species. But this article says "in its composition they've found alcohols, octanes and esters - all of them part of diesel. ", it doesn't say it makes gaseous diesel, just part of diesel. But in an earlier section it says "biodiesel in gaseous form", which is it? And how would you collect it? This sounds like a news headline blown up. I'd wait for a viable product before jumping to conclusions.
while this sounds cool, nothing normally happens with these "discoveries"
What would really help the development of this stuff is seeing how much CO2 it can absorb.
Old news, these have been around for a while but nobody can make it commercially viable. There needs to be a big jump before it can become mainstream.
Lol, that's pretty cool. New news to me. I thought that making fuel from WVO was on the cutting edge.
After looking into this more, this is what I believe the far future will be. Short term we are looking at gasoline hybrids as the main car. Longer term we are looking at refined biofuels, not corn ethanol of course but algae biodiesel or switchgrass ethanol. Unless there's a massive jump in battery technology that lets you charge a car in 3 minutes, electric cars just won't have the range that people need for longer trips. The only solution would be an ultra capacitor system instead of a chemical battery.
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