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Transmission removal on 2002 beetle

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I have a womp womp in my front end sounds like the drivers side. I have replaced the 2 cv axles and replaced the right front wheel bearing and the sound is still there. A mechanic at the V/W place said it might be a bad tire. I do not believe it is a tire. With the right side wheel off I started the motor and put in gear and raced up the motor to about 50 miles per hr and no racket, When I let up on the fuel pedal and it shifted down it made a racket in the last down gear. I think I Need to pull the trans, is this hard to do. I am a retired farmer and have worked on almost everything connected to farming but not a V/W. Any suggestion what might be wrong? It is an automatic transmission
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Hi bud, I don't know what's causing your issue but there's a good faq for removing the tranny if you haven't already seen it but it might be better to wait and see if someone else can give you info on what might be causing the problem.:)

If you're a farmer you should be used to hard work....luckily it's not too hard to pull a transmission! You can look through the manual transmission writeup for some tips but I haven't seen any auto transmission writeups out there. One major difference is the ATF lines but I don't think there is anything else major.

The trick to removing the transmission is that you have to support the engine because of the way the mounts are. And make sure to replace the bolts because if the mount or bolts fail the engine falls down.

I'm not sure the goal of removing the transmission is unless you know how to work on autos.
I am trying to figure out how to get the tranny out of a 99 Beetle
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