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I just completed replacing my clutch, and learned much from the how-to's on this site and others.
I want to share something I found usefull.

After reading about using a floor trans jack, or an engine hoist to raise/lower the trans, I purchased a small 4 to one block and tackle set up from Cabellas for $24.99 which is intended to lift up to a 500 pound deer. I attached the upper pulley set to my engine support, and the lower pulley set to a choker cable which was wrapped around the center of the transmission. There was enough rope included so that the lower pulley hook reached the trans about eight feet below on the floor. The hoist easily raised the trans, and even has a lever which grips the rope to hold the load when the lift rope is released. This supported the trans and allowed the trans to be worked into place without being in the way.

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