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I have a 1997 Jetta with about 130K.
I asked the dealer about replacing the transmission oil and they said I should replace it if I plan on keeping the car. The service rep. I spoke with mentioned that the transmission also has a filter that needs to be replaced. He said there is a pan underneath the transmission that needs to be dropped and the filter is in there, a flat filter.
I don't see any pan under the transmission. The only place I could think of is on the side of the transmission facing the wheel there is a black cover.

Thanks you in advanced.

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Look through the FAQ links at the top of the forum: Changing the transmission gear oil is as easy as changing the engine oil. See this link:


The black cover on the end of the transmission is covering the gears inside the transmission. Don't remove it.

Since you don't see a pan under the transmission I know you don't have an auto, only autos have filters and pans.

If you live in a warmer climate OEM gear oil is a good choice, I live in a colder climate so I use redline MTL. I've found that it results in smoother shifting. Some people like half redline MTL, half redline MT-90. I didn't like royal purple or the OEM stuff. Make sure you use a GL-4 gear oil.
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