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Transmission drain

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I've read the sticky for changing transmission fluid. Problem is when I did mine, I dont think I have the tube that protrudes into the transmission to set the level. When I removed the plug 3.75 quarts of fluid drained and there was nothing in the transmission case to remove.

I replaced with 3.75 quarts to ATF since I have no other way to determine if level is high or low. Tranny shifts much better now and doesnt whine as if it were low on fluid.

I have a 2004 Jetta PD with the 09A transmission. Is it possible that some "genius" in the past did a transmission service for a previous owner and just didnt put the tube back it. Any idea where I can get one. I've searched all the parts dealers online and no luck so far. Thanks!
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It's probably a little differnt. I wouldn't replace more than you drained.
I didnt put more ATF back in but everyone speaks of the tube and I dont have one. Just wanting to confirm that the 09A automatic doesnt have it or mine is missing.
I'm not sure if the PD autos are different, ask the dealer directly and they will know for sure if it has the tube.
Did anyone find out the part number?

I did the fluid change and did not have the fluid tube either. I replaced about 3.25 quarts of transmission fluid.

Thanks for all the great information on the forum.:bowdown
I'm trying to find out how many liters of G 052 990 A2 I'll need to change the fluid in my 2005 Golf with the 09A 5 speed Tiptronic.

The Bentley indicates 2.5 liters and then top up (as needed) to get the level right

But IdParts website indicates a need for 6 liters for a drain and refill.

The car has 105,000 miles....is it due for a change yet?

I'd appreciate some help with this decision, as the cost seems to be in the $30/liter range!!

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Not 100% sure but I'm, thinking that it's for a full drain. 2.5 liters could just be what's in the pan. There's no way the tiptronic holds only 2.5 liters, 5-6 liters sounds more right.
Thanks Chitty.....what has me wondering is the idparts statement "6 liters required for a drain and refill."

Any idea how long the drain intervals should be? The book says nothing that I could find.
If you haven't done it yet- do it- car is 6 yrs old, over 100,000 mi on it- fluids oxidize over time and heat cycles- for the cost of fluid and if you can do it yourself- Personally i would change it at 1/2 the mileage you have.
VW doesn't specify a fluid change period...., but I was thinking about changing it anyway.

BTW, They DO spec a change interval with other transmissions....such as the DSG

This 09A fluid is $30+++ a liter and I have no idea how much to actually buy....and yes, I'll do the change myself.
So....NOBODY has ever changed the 09A transmission fluid??

Sheeesh....that stuff is kinda expensive at 30/liter.....would be nice to know how much I need

I guess this is a to-the-top!
So....NOBODY has ever changed the 09A transmission fluid??

Sheeesh....that stuff is kinda expensive at 30/liter.....would be nice to know how much I need

I guess this is a to-the-top!
Hey, I know this is an old thread but if anyone is wondering a 09A transmission oil change will drain about 3.6 to 3.7 litres of oil and that is if you remove the 24mm bold and the 5mm Allen key fill port check tube. So to answer your question Shuswap (If you are still of this earth) you should buy 4 litres to do the change. don't be fooled by the fill port check tube, there is always much more oil than what the dip tube can hold. Just put back what you take out and everything should be fine. Cheers

PS: The fill port is on top left side of the valve body pan and it's covered by a red plastic seal over the cap. Don't worry about it if you break it off, the plastic is so brittle that it probably will. I don't see any reasoning behind this red cap other than to warn the warranty police that someone has broken the seal off. LOL
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