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1999.5 VW Jetta MK4 TDI
VCDS: No codes
No Traction Control Option

A couple of weeks ago I turn my ignition to the ON position and I got a single beep with a solid traction control light. It now does this every time now when I start my car. The traction control light will come on immediately and it does not go away. The ABS light does not stay on. The only thing I have done to the car is have the EGR blocked and also have the EGR cooler removed. Kinda stumped since I do not have the traction control button/switch.

Things I have tried:
I used VCDS and did not get back any codes from any module.
I replaced my MAF sensor and no change.
I have driven the car about 1200 miles and no change.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.
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