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My wife and I took her Toyota Corolla to Haley, the dealer where we bought it in 2007 to have a recall to the engine control module corrected. They had the car for about 20 minutes when they called us to the service desk. They said they were correcting the recall problem, but had found several other things that they suggest we have them fix. They are as follows:
1. Replace serpentine belt
2. Change oil and filter
3 replace cabin air filter
4 remove carbon from intake at air throttle and
5 clean corrosion from battery terminal.

I agreed to items 1 and 2. They wanted $42.00 to replace the cabin air filter, $94.00 to clean carbon from intake, and $44.00 to clean corrosion from battery terminal. :BS

I bought a new cabin air filter and installed in a few minutes, $14.00. Removed the air intake rubber hose from the throttle mechanism and found it to be clean. It would not pass a white glove test, but nothing more. No buildup.

I cleaned the battery terminal with baking soda and water, greased the clamp bolts, then sprayed with corrosion inhibitor.

This was, as I said, Haley Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Chevrolet in Farmville, VA.
So far my experience with Terry VW is much much better than this blatant attempt at charging us for work that was not needed, and overcharging for work that was. Beware,

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