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Torx screws question

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On the 06 Jetta, under the engine is the sound dampening sheet (aka 'belly pan') that is mounted to the undercarriage with torx screws. The rear ones, three (3) total, are different than the other eight (8) on the sides; and has mm threads over the rest that have metal/wood type threads.

Does anyone know how to refer to them, and/or what to look for at say a major hardware store; like Lowes, Home Depot, etc.? I'm like a dunce when it comes to torx fasteners.

We just got our grandaughters 06 Jetta from the dealer where a warranty issue on the clutch was performed, and the 'highly professional and highly educated ultra master mechanic personnel' simply replaced one with a standard threaded mm hex bolt.

Rather than go thru the nightmare trying to get them to replace it ... the dealership (Lithia Motors) is the "mother of all" that brings about the common reference 'stealership' ... I'd just as soon simply pick one up at an outside vendor. Only need 3 ... so would not like to spend the $$$ for a box of hundreds.

Incidentally, I even contacted another out-of-town dealer's part department today about the availability of these screws ... and he had absolutely no idea what I was discussing; and had no idea how to find out the part number for me.
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For some simple hardware like that, the dealers aren't horrible because shipping will kill any savings.

I believe that you are looking for VW# 1k0 825 951 . There are 3 of those and they are m6x20 but I'm not 100% sure they are the correct ones. They only other ones for the undershield are : VW# n 103 546 02 . There are 8 of those, possible that they are the ones as well. If you have to order some parts like filters or oil, add those and it'll be worth it.

Home depot has a specialty rack where they have auto type fasteners. Your local auto parts store has SS hardware as well. They should be 20mm long, check the threads as well.
You could try moving the other 8 so that at least some have the correct screws. Lowes and Hope Depot have a hardware section where they have auto type fasteners. They even have the plastic trim snaps, clevis pins, etc. there.
I think the back 3 are different so he can't swap the other 8.
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