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A great big thankyou to whomever wrote up the timing belt change instructional!!! I am no longer a hostage to the the stealership thanks to the write-up. Especially gratifying since I am a non-mechanic. Got the tools from metalnerd and took it slow-got it back together tonight-haven't started it yet but the timing was dead on after turning the engine over twice with the crankshaft bolt. Changed the t-stat out and will need to make sure no leaks are present or at the waterpump. (fingers crossed) Used the paper gasket-wasn't patient enough to wait for the metal and rubber waterpump gasket even though I have it's on order.
Is there a specific torque for the three water pump pulley bolts? Perhaps I missed it in the write-up. I have just snugged them up so far.
Someone please enlighten me on the correct procedure for tightening the power steering-waterpump belt. The write up states a 5mm defection and to tighten up the ps bolt(s) to 5.1 ft/lbs.(new belt) I am assuming after you tighten the belt up by pushing the power steering pump towards the radiator until there is a 5mm deflection and then? tighten up all three bolts to 5.1 ft/lbs? or just the one with the star gizmo? That 16mm bolt is hard to get to that is at the top of the water pump.
Next project-new struts-getting hard to keep it on the road after hitting bumps. Any ideas for the special tool that allows the allen wrench to go through it. Saw it listed for $80 bucks but don't want to spend the money. Need to find someone with a vagcom or purchase. Hoping it starts right up so I don't have to monkey with the fuel pump. Again thanks. :panic:

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Re: PS pump. Yes, as you move the pump towards the rad the belt tightens. When belt has 5mm deflection, tighten all the bolts.

VCDS/vag com is a wise investment, it can do many things on your car. If you want to rent the metalnerd strut tool I can rent it upon request.

The torque for the WP bolts is in the WP writeup:)

"Torque for water pump bolts - 7.4 ft-lbs or 89 inch lbs
Torque for 18mm intermediate shaft - sprocket bolt - 33 ft lbs"

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