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I say yes!

Another case of too hot to fly

found when I was looking at the other southwest too hot to fly story....umm yeah, that's my story...

In case you're wondering why a young woman wearing this dress would completely bundle up, Setara Qassim says "I was sitting like this on the plane, like a psycho."

Setara Qassim says it was not her idea that 100 degree day she flew back from Las Vegas on Southwest Airlines.

Setara says "the flight attendant came up to me and asked me if I had a sweater and I said no because why would I pack a sweater in the heat. So, I asked her why and she said I need to cover up."

Setara said "the way the woman [on the "Today Show"] described how she felt is exactly how I felt about the whole situation."

We spoke with Ms. Qassim too late to get a response from Southwest but last week, in response to the woman on the "Today Show" being asked to pull up her tanktop and pull down her skirt, Southwest issued a statment that read in part: "when a concern is brought to our employees' attention, we address that situation directly with the customer involved in a discrete and professional manner."

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