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They are directional, or unidirectional (same thing), tires. They should only be rotated front to back and back to front on the same side. This has to do with tread pattern more than tire design. When criss crossing the tires as usually done the rear tires will be moving in the opposite direction from when they were on the front. Due to the specific tread design this will cause abnormal wear but, probably more importantly, it will affect the tires ability to channel water. If you look at the tread you will see that it is designed with a specific pattern. If you reverse the tire the tread pattern changes.

Most tire treads are mirror images. Rotate the tire either way the tread pattern stays the same. Those are non directional tires.

I have 18K miles on my A3 and about ready to do my fourth rotation. The wear is excellent across the face of the tire. I feel very comfortable with the 5-6K recommendation from Audi.

Remember to watch tire pressures as well. More in the front to compensate for the extra weight of the diesel......I run the recommneded 41 front and 38 rear cold. Again excellent wear charateristics.


1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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