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I don't know how far along you are but don't install the camshaft until the engine is at TDC. The crank rotates twice every cam rotation.

The crank sprocket mark determines TDC, the problem is how to know if it's at TDC or 180 degrees off. If the head isn't installed yet, the #1 cylinder should be at the top. If the head is installed, remove a glow plug and use a thin item through the GP hole to see when the #1 piston is at the top. The tip should be non scratch to metal and remember to not let it bend when the piston is moving up. It doesn't have to be 100% exact since that's what the mark on the crank sprocket is for.

Once the crank is in position, install the lock tool. Then install the camshaft with the #1 lobes pointing up like a V. The cam pulley has a key that locks it to the cam. At TDC, the hole for the cam pin should also be lined up. Before you tighten the camshaft, also make sure that it rotates freely and isn't jamming.

As part of the TB installation, rotate the engine by hand a few times once the belt is installed to make sure you got it right and nothing is jamming. I don't see how you could if you follow these steps.

There's an article in the FAQs for engine pull, timing belt, and engine break in. Good luck, it sounds like a real project, take some pics if any step in the instructions aren't clear, and good writeups for things not covered qualify for the writeup contest!
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