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timing belt tensioner action

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I took some videos of the ALH engine's timing belt tensioner being set on hobojoker's car. The engine was out of the car which let you see what's happening clearly.



Close examination of the videos shows that all the sprockets move slightly as the belt is tensioned and released (for illustration). This is correct and is why the method in the factory service manual is the correct way to do the timing belt. The video has also been added to the mk3 TDI timing belt article because while the engine is not exactly the same, the action of setting the tensioner is the same.
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Great video but you should get a tripod or turn on the camcorder shake control..feeling dizzy!
Sorry, it was taken with a camera's movie function.
Strange, the writeup has the option for full screen but your forum does not. Must be a forum thing.
Great idea! It's obvious once you see it but it can be hard to understand just reading about it.
Great video very informative, now I know how timing belt tensioner works on a car
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