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Timing belt replacement duration

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I am attempting my first timing belt replacement and interested in what people think it will take me to complete the repair. It depends on loads of factors so here is a little info to help color your estimate. I am a marine engineer so I have worked on many diesel engines but usually with connecting rods as big as I am (6 ft), cylinders with 5ft diameters, and you can stand inside the crank case (I have a picture of that somewhere). I am doing this on my 2006 BRM engine, Blauparts parts kit and their special timing belt tools. I have read chittychittybangbang's articles twice for this repair too and it seems straight forward. I will be doing it at my friend's shop where I have access to a lift, air tools, torque wrenchs, engine lifting beam and a helping hand when I need it. I am not trying to race through this, I will be thorough and methodical in my work but I just am not sure if its going to take me three days or four hours. Oh, I guess i should say oil changes take me about 20-30 minuters and changing my brake pads is usually an hour from start to clean up.

Another reason I want to know is because I will be at my friends shop at 3 ish this afternoon and he said he wants to go home at 9 and I am not sure if I can finish it tonight in the 6 ish hours I have. I dont want it to go over into tomorrow morning but if it must I want to mentally prepare to ask my wife to come pick me up!

Thanks for your help with estimating.

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Timing belt replacement duration

Are you talking about when they should be replaced or how long it talkes?

Volkswagen Jetta (05-11) 1,9D TDI PD 2005-07 Engine code: BRM

Timing belt - Renew Every 80000 miles or 48 months
Timing belt tensioner - Renew Every 160000 miles or 96 months

Repair Time:
Remove and install 2.50 hrs

Whats your mileage?
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By the way, where in vw.com does it say 80K?
It doesn't Autodata say 80k and I'm sure VW would back this figure up?

I have 118K on it,
Well at 118k I would change the belt and the tensioner then you know you are safe for another 80k, its a small price to pay if anything went wrong and it broke? If you don't know the service history of the vehicle then you start again?
I have a 2006 Jetta TDI.
So you have 2 cars but only 1 listed?

Car: 2011 touareg TDI
Well if you click on User control panel on the bar near the top then click on Edit Your Details and add it at the end of What car model/year do you have textbox.

I see you've done it now?
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