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It means the camshaft is binding and that you shouldn't run the engine.

Have you torqued the caps down to their final 1/4 turn? Are you using OEM bolts?

Loosen them and hit the caps before tightening them down. This way the caps and move a little bit. Then check the camshaft to make sure it can rotate easily. You've already said it but the bright marks on the bearings are where it's touching. If you run the engine it might wear in but it might cause excessive material transfer and cause a hot spot which will get worse.

My suggestion and it's only a suggestion, follow the factory service manual for official advice, is to loosen the caps and retighten them using the hammer technique straight down, not at an angle, until the caps are on straight and the bearings are not binding. The bearings and lobes mostly seem to wear on the ends which may suggest the factory torque is too tight. There is speculation that 2-3 ft-lbs lighter on the torque specs of the large rocker bolts will help reduce this. This is only a theory and do it at your own risk.
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