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Any help figureing out what this means would be great. Note: I just cleaned out the intake. Had been suffering from limp mode of death. Now I seem to have a lot of power (but as my brother pointed out, I could think it lots as I have had NONE for many months). I took this VAG reading re: bad MAF faq sheet. But I'll be darned if I really know what it means. Thoughts?

RED_______MAF (specified)____003-2
GREEN_____MAF (actual)______003-3
YELLOW___Engine Speed______005-1
GREY______MAF Sensor_______010-1


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MAF specified vs. actual are off which means air isn't getting in. It could be bad sensor, clogged exhaust, bad wiring, bad plug. Most of the time it's a bad sensor. You can see the car's computer wanting more air as RPM goes up but it's not getting it. However, most of the time a bad MAF sensor causes permanent low power, not limp mode (cutting out)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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