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I know the VW DSG has been in use for a few years now, how are they holding up? Is there a real advantage with fuel economy or power?

From here

The burgeoning interest in dual clutch gearboxes should be big business for Getrag over the next few years. Because a dual clutch transmission (DCT) combines the greater efficiency of a manual with full automatic shift capability they are being installed in more vehicles all the time. The first widespread use of DCTs was on Volkswagen and Audi models in the last few years with their Borg-Warner-built DSG units.

For 2008, Volvo is adding a DCT to the S40 and V50 while Ford is also adding one to the Focus equipped with a new 2.0L turbodiesel. Chrysler is also installing a DCT in European-spec models of the new Dodge Journey CUV. By 2010 Getrag expects to sell 500,000 DCTs a year growing to 2 million by 2014. That doesn't include the 700,000 units that will come from the Chrysler-Getrag joint venture starting in 2009.

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And now Mitsubishi has come out with their own dual clutch DSG type transmission. It'll be on the mitsubishi evolution. The nissan skyline is also comig out with a DSG type transmission as the only initial option in Japan. Seems that it gives better performance and faster shifting.
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