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The NarfMobile, My 2001 VW Golf TDI

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Hi There, just joined because I think my VNT actuator is going for the second time or my turbo vanes are finally sticking (not sure how this is possible the way I drive!) and I wanted to double check the great (now exclusive) information over here.

Click the Narfmobile link in my signature for links to some of my favorite mods and how-to's.

See you around!
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Does this mean that the theory that if you drive it hard it won't stick isn't true?
Welcome! I have heard of some turbos sticking due to the backing plate on the VNT actuator warping. I think my last turbo had this problem because there were a few scratches along the plate but cleaning it didn't make any difference.

IMHO, driving it hard (relatively) works because it burns out and blow out carbon build up. I did notice a little rust on the housing. There are also a few cases of the actuator lever wearing down which mine had too, which reminds me that I had some pics and details on how to repair the lever which I'll add today or tomorrow.

Edit: Or I might as well do it now :) The pics have been added to the VNT turbo disassembly article. One pic was added to the VNT adjustment article just to show what lever wear looks like.
Does this mean that the theory that if you drive it hard it won't stick isn't true?
My car has 400,000km on it so it could be anything. I have to disconnect the actuator from the turbo to see if the actuator or the turbo is sticking. Hopefully it is the actuator.
It was the VNT actuator, AGAIN!

Check out the video of the old and new actuator: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGWxQkEWA-g
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