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Hi folks. This code started popping on about a year and a half ago - I was clearing it and just ignoring until I got the Dieselgeek fix installed. Couple cycles where the code came back, clear with VCDS, and it's been gone for about a year.

In the meantime, I've picked up a couple EGR and DPF codes after really getting on it from an on-ramp a couple times - cleared then nothing.

Vehicle gets primarily driven as a DD commuter by my wife, ~15 miles r/t daily, but it's also the family traveler (us and 2 dogs) and my long mileage hauler for work (outside sales).

Code came back on at startup today. Ran the scan tool, did the switch activation - mechanically it seems as if everything is operating.

P2015 - intermittent - MIL ON
Fault Status 10100000
Fault Priority 2
Fault frequency 3
Reset counter 255
Mileage 175983km

Freeze Frame
Rpm 0/min
speed 0
Voltage 12.62v
Lambda -8.7%
Lambda -1.6%
bin. bits 00001110
Voltage 3.8v

I have not taken things apart to get in there yet - I mean, I can but don't want to waste my time poking around at something where I don't know what I'm looking for.

Getting this code even with the DG part is frustrating because there is little info out there about this fix not solving the issue.

Could it be there's just a bunch of carbon buildup that needs to get cleaned from various places? My guess is a good carbon cleaning will cost as much as a replacement intake manifold...my go-to shop's diesel guy is out until Monday.

Give me some good news people! Please?
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