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test drove a mazda 6

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I had some time today and a friend said he got one. I think it's a tiny bit bigger than a jetta, but not by much. Maybe it just looks bigger. I went to drive the 6 cylinder one, they didn't have the awd MazdaSpeed6 one.

The salesman was kind of uptight, he didn't smile the entire time. While I was looking at the car and checking everything out, motor, inside, trunk, etc., it seemed subpar to me. I like the body style, but that's about it. I didn't like how the seat was so frickin' high or the placement of the wheel.

So I take it out for the spin, the steering is too light, so light that I didn't get much feedback from it. The salesman was gripping the seat and the roof handle the entire time, and I was following the speed limit. WTF?

Frankly, the Mazda6 was not enjoyable at all, much to my disappointment. I was thinking I could get some performance upgrades for it through the dealership to keep the warranty valid, but the dealer said his dealership did NOT do ANY upgrades for ANY car on his lot. The most I could do was order a MazdaSpeed6. No RX-8 there. I thanked the salesman for his time and left.
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I test drove one a few years ago, I thought the interior was nice.

I have a friend who has a mazdaspeed 6, it is FAST! AWD and turbo 2.5L engine, I think, 4 cylinder. It also has some suspension mods and it's a fun car. But I remember that it was expensive too.
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