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tension pully on alternator belt

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hi i own a 2003 passat just need to no how do i go bout chaingin pully r tnsion pully on the alternator belt and can i get it off without takin d fan off :panic:
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Hi Adrian, I found this page for the belt on a 2004 passat. Have a look and see if it's any use. I don't personally know what the passat looks like.

Welcome to the forum Adrian. welcometomyturbodies

Well I don't know the Passat in person but I would have thought that removal of the alternator completely would be the easiest option to change the pulley.

Which page Seatman? :)
Are you blind Keith lol, I don't know what happened there.:umm
Yes I see you've edited it now it wasn't there before. ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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