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TDI Timing Problem - Please Help!!!

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I have a 2003 VW Jetta TDI (ALH) with a 5-speed and 70,000 miles. The ECU chip software has been upgraded with the Unitronic Stage 2, and modifications include DG (Dieselgeek) race pipe and EGR cooler delete, DG short shifter, and DG by-pass filter.

This weekend I changed my timing belt and components using both the myturbodiesel.com and TDI Club directions for the A4. I studied the directions and the Cincy TDI Club video several times, and I’m pretty confident that I performed the timing belt and component change accurately.

Today I finished up and started the car with no problem. Using the accelerator at 2500 rpm I let the coolant heat up to 190°F, plugged in the VAG-COM HEX-USB, and started up the program. I followed the directions at http://www.ross-tech.com/vag-scope/TDIGraph.html to check the timing, including using Golf AGR/AHF/ALH/ASV 4.99>.

· Start your engine

· Start VAG-COM

· Click [Select]

· Click [01-Engine]

· Click [Meas. Blocks - 08]

· Go to group 000

· Click [Switch to Basic Settings]

· Click [TDI Timing]

· Select your engine code from the drop-down menu

When I checked the TDI graph it indicated that I was retarded, and my block 2 reading was something like 10. In fact, it was so retarded that the graph showed I was far, far below the lower red specification line. The problem I’m having is that I have advanced the injection pump clock-wise as far as it will physically go. I simply cannot turn the injection pump any further clock-wise. Again, the car will start, but the timing is very retarded. I can’t advance the timing any further, and I don’t know what to do. I tried turning the injection pump counter-clockwise, but then the car simply will not start. I also took all 3 bolts out, turn the injection pump clock-wise to the other set of oval holes, but discovered that the holes don’t line up to allow the bolts to go into the pump, so I when back to the original position. When I went back to the original position, torqued the bolts at the most clock-wise position, I got the same retarded results.

Currently, the car is up on jack stands in the front, so it’s tilted upwards. I’m not sure if this would have any adverse affect on the timing, and I guess I’ll check this tomorrow night. I hope someone can help me because I’m at a loss as to what to do.

I just took the car off of the jack stands, which did not help (still retarded and below red specification line).

Thanks for any assistance.
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Jack stand or no jack stand should not make a difference.

A few possibilities, whatever it is, do not drive the car until this is fixed.

Tensioner is off. Double check that the alignment tab is in the notch. When you tighen the tensioner, the cam lock and injection pump lock should be preventing their movement. The crankshaft too. The cam and Injection pump sprockets should be free to move so when you tighten the tensioner, it puts pressure evenly across the whole belt. It's possible that the injectino pump sprocket was all the way to one end so when you tightened the tensioner, it couldn't move any more and put the other things off and/or released the other items.

I suggest a recheck of everything. You don't have to remove the motor mount since you won't be completely removing the belt.

Put the engine at TDC. The myturbodiesel writeup only has a pic of a manual transmission TDC mark, if you have an auto, the mark should be at the bottom of the window. The tdiclub writeup has an auto trans pic.

With the engine at TDC, the camshaft lock and injection pump locks should be in place. I am guessing that they are currently not.

Also, when you adjust timing by loosening the 3 injection pump sprocket bolts, only loosen them slightly. If you loosen them too much, the pump will be free to move under the sprocket and it will mess it up. If you have intermittent start of injection error code under "Engine", then this is what happened.
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The following thread written by Drivbiwire on TDIClub did the trick. I'm back on the road with my TDI.;)

Good to hear it's fixed! The pin has to be just in the right place, I think the myturbodiesel writeup has that picture as well.
Yes, it has a similar picture. I will add some notes in that section to highlight this. The reason I don't like .pdf files is because they can't be edited and distributed.
Yes, you have to be very careful when you put the injection pump pin in. Using a mirror will let you double check the position of the hole for the pump pin.
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