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Saw this on the vortex - supply is slowly building up. The first post was in VA, next was in IL. It looks like the initial demand has died down. Either that or the dealers are asking too much. This should give customers some negotiating room.

vortex said:
NO affiliation whatsoever, but I was at West Broad VW in Richmond this evening, and they have 4 JSW TDIs, didn't appear any of them were claimed. Didn't have a chance to look at options, but one of them had what looked like 18" Goals. Good looking rims. westbroadvw.com

We actually wanted a 2.5 S JSW and I had trouble finding it in Chicagoland. Every dealer is stacked up with TDIs, we had to dealer trade to get the S. I even had one dealer ask why I even wanted a 2.5, TDI is the way to go, of course that was all he had on his lot
The car was for my wife and she was happy with the gas engine, plus the TDI would have been a lot higher.

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IMHO, the little negotiating room available will be inversely proportional to the year-by-year reduction in IRS tax credit as VW/Audi sell more TDIs. The "deal" would come out in the wash.

I know the OP is talking about the short-term increase in inventory, but my point is that a TDI will be touted as a premium for at least the next year.
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