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TDI Sportwagen Factory Stereo upgrade?

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Seems VW thinks diesel buyers do not like options:-( Anyway the "premium Stereo (non-navigation) is decent, but lacks clarity and punch. What are the best upgrades without changing head-units? would a Subwoofer help unburden the door speakers? Any specific experience to share?
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Unfortunately, the station wagon body doesn't have an option for the premium stereo, probably due to the liftgate. Headunits are probably your best bet. Only the early loyal edition sedans got an amp and seem to have decent sound. Later non-loyals and wagons aren't up to par with a "premium" sound system.
You could probably buy the amp and add it if it's the same premium radio? There are probably plenty of gas Jettas who are selling theirs on the vwvortex.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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