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TDI is moving up on this newbie's list

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Shopping for my next car and am very impressed with the depth of info i've encountered here so far. Thinking seriously about a Golf TDI

Probably will sell my 1990 CRX HF (40-50 mpg), although am considering finding a way to cost effectively make it better than new.

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It's kind of sad that economy cars aren't much more efficent. But you get 6 airbags, 2 more are optional in the 4 door, new suspension, new warranty, lots more power, better handling, and the list goes on. It sounds like you want to hold onto the car for a long time....is the CRX a 1 owner car? Or you could always get an older Golf, they're pretty well figured out now.
Welcome! There are buying checklists for both generations of Golf. They were sold in the US during the mk4 and mk6 generations. There was no mk5 Rabbit TDI.
Thanks for info..

Stayed up way to late reading site last night. Very valuable if looking to buy used. CRX is third owner. Although a gas engine it has some attributes that might make you think it is a diesel. Oil in tail pipe, rattle when cold :ugh. But also has highest torque at low rpm. At about 70 (accurate speedo, not showing high) only turning over about 2400 RPM..

Anyone know roughly what the various golf's with typical tire sizes are turning at 70? I know there is a calculator which i need to figure out..

Thanks again for all the info!
There's a tire/wheel/gearing calculator with TDI final drives in the FAQ section. Play with the numbers to see the effect of tire size-rpm.

Most TDI are equipped with 195-65-15, 205-55-16, or 225-45-17" wheels.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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