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TDI Injector pressure testing tools

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Anyone know where to get the tools test the 2nd stape pop pressure on injectors of a TDI?

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Excellent question - Edit to correct - most places can only adjust 1 stage because those are used on older cars and trucks but any place can test them. I saw this DIY pop tester,


Make sure that you are shielded from the diesel spray - it comes out at a very high pressure and can get injected into your skin and give you blood poisioning.

IMO, the other side of the problem is that you need hardened shims from bosch to adjust the pop pressure. A homemade tester is fine for checking the spray pattern but you can't adjust it without shimming the springs.

There is a place called diesel fuel injection service that knows VWs well, 503-285-1213 is their number, they are located in washington state and they can do the adjustment.

From what I understand, the nozzles are what can go bad, the injector bodies are pretty reliable as long as they are kept clean. Pic below from http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q_how_to/multi/TDInozzleFAQ.htm to help show the 2 springs.

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call http://www.kermatdi.com/servlet/StoreFront , they charge about $25/injector for pop testing. They know what they are doing and it's a good price.
The actual tool is VAG 1322 and it's expensive, you don't need anything special to test the actual popping. BUT you do need special stuff to shim the 2 stages of springs. Just take any pop tester and use it. The first squirt is the pilot injection, the second is the main injection.

i just purchased a Bosch Pop tester, VAG 1322 and an assortment of injector shims. I know how check the first stage of injection with the pop tester. My question is how does one actually check the second stage? when you pop the injector it just sprays open at the first stage of injection (220 bar). I'm looking to see where the second stage is set but I don't know how to accomplish that.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sending my injectors off is not possible as i am conducting a great deal of testing with different pressures and I need to be able to make the changes myself.

Thank you very much!
Not sure how. I know that most places can only check the first stage.
Thanks for your reply. Hopefully I'll figure it out eventually.
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