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TDI Head Job

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Bro threw timing belt for me on my 01 Jetta TDI. Got head overhauled by Frank06. Looking to install head. Two questions:
1. Where would be a great place to rent or borrow timing tools?
2. Is it possible to make these tools? Or get by without em?

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A rental is linked from the parts section of the timing belt writeup. I can also rent them, PM sent.

You can substitute a few tools - for example, the injection pump pin is just a pin. As long as it fits it works. The crankshaft lock is not required but it's helpful to make sure it doesn't move when you tension the belt. Sometimes the crank moves a hair as shown at the TDC stamp on the flywheel so you have to release the belt and reset it. The camshaft sprocket counterholder can be substituted with any sturdy tool that fits.

What you can't substitute is the installation method. VW says to do it that way so that tension is even over the whole belt and injection pump timing is correct.
I'm confused, do you mean that your bro was driving when the timing belt broke or your bro put the belt on for you and then it broke? IIRC, metalman parts also rents the tools if chitty doesn't have them. You must use them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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