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TDI and High Sulphur Fuel

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Planning a trip to Mexico this fall in my 2009 TDI and expect not to find low sulphur fuel. Anyone know the effects of high sulphur fuel on the emissions controls?
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You can't use low sulphur fuel, you have to use ULTRA low sulphur fuel. From what I've read the excess sulphur can damage the emissions filters by plugging it since it can only handle a tiny amount. If it's plugged then the car will go into permanent regen mode to try to burn it out and I don't know how that will work, or maybe it will shut down to protect itself. I think the engine will run fine but the emissions controls is what causes the problem.
2nd, you need ultra low sulfur fuel (USLD). I know that during an eclipse a while ago, there were fueling stations or tankers with USLD near the border specifically for US drivers.

Unless you plan on filling the trunk with jugs of diesel, I would not take your 2009 TDI.
Thanks for the info guys, guess I will be taking my gasser to Mexico.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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