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Hi all,

I'm due to replace my timing belt next week.
I have everything except bolts to replace the 'use once' stretch bolts.

Can anyone tell me the length/thread/size of the bolts that need replacing? as Its not possible to get the kits over here in the UK.

I think this link shows all the ones I need TDI Stretch Bolts


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There were 2 styles of crankshaft pulley bolts - short and long. I can't tell you what you have and they may have been different in Uk by year. You'll need 4 of them.

As mentioned in the ALH engine timing belt writeup: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/a4/ALH-engine-timing-belt-change-VW-Jetta-TDI-1.htm
4 motor mount bolts:
(quantity 2) N 106 653 01 engine mount-body bolts
(quantity 2) N 102 096 05 engine mount-engine bracket bolts
(quantity 1) N 905 969 02 large idler pulley bolt on timing belt

If your engine is PD, see the FAQ for the timing belt writeup for that engine.
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