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TB in progress question

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The lower pulley should have a triple square screw.

My triple square spins in the hole, way too small, the next size up does not even engage, too big.

If I get an allen wrench that is close in size and spin it; it does feel like if it were the correct size it will engage.

ANY possibility being an 05.5 it does not use the triple square?

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if you ask me its easiest to get the timing belt on with the tensioner on and pinned in its fully retracted position. if everything is otherwise good, (crank lock installed, lower roller installed, cam pulley bolts loosened and tensioner installed and pinned fully retracted with the triangle pin) the belt will slip right over the water pump pulley. you can then check to see if the cam bolts are in the middle of their range and not off to one side or the other.. if so, you then can easily slip the belt back off the waterpump and adjust the cam sprocket one way or the other to get it in the center of its travel.

but thats me, and I have plenty of these PD timing belts behind me..

Congrats on getting it on and running successfully. you did know about the hole behind the fender liner for getting at the motor mount bracket, right?
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