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Symbol in MFD

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I looked for the answer to my question in my owners manual, but could not find it. Here in Florida we had a small cold front come through last week. I was driving along when the outside tempeture shown in the MFD reached 39 degrees. The MFD made the ding sound and I noticed that the tempeture shown in the MFD was flashing and than there was a snowflake symbol displayed to the left of the tempeture display. The snowflake symbol stayed displayed until the tempeture reading displayed 42 degrees, or at least that is when I noticed that it was gone from the MFD display. I could not find anything relating to this in my owners manual? :dunno
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Well with mine in the UK you get the bleep at 4 deg C with is 39.14 deg F. Now its been a while since last winter but I thing it bleeps again either 2 deg C or 0 deg C if I remember correctly.

I think is does say something in the handbook. You can change the temperature display from F to C or C to F if you want this? ;)
Yes, that is a warning of possible icy road conditions. It will "ding" once and then leave a snowflake icon next to the outside temp.. Your handbook does mention this but not in the section on warning lights - it is in the section that discusses the outside temperature display.
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