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Hi There,
My Name is Kees Visser and I got into this forum thanks to my son-in-law-in-spé having a major 1997 Passat water leak, which was caused by a 1.9 tdi leaking fuel pump, the fuel dissolving a water tube!
Bought the gasket kit and worked the pump. No nothing.
Got the pump out again and found nothing wrong.
Than I got it: Step up on the air bleeding!! :+1
But how?
Built a vacuum pump using the air intake of my cheap general use air compressor.
Still nothing, but that's due to the fuel shutoff valve not getting but 400mV => Probably shorted it's wire and now the relay is gone...
Attached pic of the "vacuum pump" thing:
- Connected a fuel line to the air intake using glued heat shrink
- Connected a clear line to the fuel line (allows for air & fuel monitoring)
- Connected an air pistol to the compressor output and fixed its trigger with iron wire
- Added duct tape wherever I wanted (nothing works without) :rolleyes:
Ran the pump for about 15min. It wasn't fast (some leaks), but effective!
Hope you have more fun with your projects than I did with this Passat ;)

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Its nice to see you made an intro on your own. ;)

Any problems search TDI Wiki as that covers write ups and forum posts.

I moved your last post to Diesel Parts.
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