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Swapping Auto Temperature Controls into JSW

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Is there anything in the VW or Audi Parts bin that is an automatic temperature control pod that can be swapped out for the dial up manual controls in the 2010 JSW. I am thinking maybe a Tiguan or 2009 Jetta GLI? Is there any DIY info anywhere on how to do the modification?

thanks everyone.
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It is possible but it's extremely difficult because of the number of sensors involved and the fact that the entire climate control assembly behind the dashboard has to be swapped. It's way more involved than just swapping the knobs out. The AC and coolant also have to be drained and refilled.

Believe it or not, someone actually did it. Because it's a rather involved procedure, he left out some small details but if you're willing to do it gives you an idea of what to do. http://furmanka.blogspot.com/2008/12/mk5-klimatronik-climatronic.html
Maybe I didn't read my spec sheet properly, but I thought all JSWs came with climatic. The temp knob would have degree marks at the min/center/highest detents.

According to the manual, this is supposed to function as an automatic temp control system. Althought I don't believe the AC will turn itself on.
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