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Hi Chitty and All:

My daughter has two issues with her 2003 Jetta Wolfsburg. She lives far from me so I am trying to troubleshoot this from a distance to point her in the right direction rather than have her spend a lot of money she does not have.

First the power sun roof tilt function comes on from time to time. That is it tilts open without her pushing the button. Could this be a fuse or electrical problem. Any suggestions where to trouble shoot?

Second she cannot pop the trunk from the inside of the car when she pulls the lever near the driver seat. Would the cable be busted? Is there any tutorial on this site for fixing either of the above? She has a friend who works on cars but I am looking for something he could look at here as he does not work on VW's

Thanks so much


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The sunroof is a common problem, I had ghosts moving the sunroof in my Audi A4 too. If the headlight switch is similar and I believe it is, first remove the headlight switch assembly by pulling off the wide light lens. There are some screws in there and 2 spring clips that hold it in place. Remove the headlight switch.

There is an upside down spring touching a rheostat. Due to use and age, the spring wears out or it loses contact or shorts. Slightly bend the spring so that it's touching a different part of the contact.

The trunk lever thing - only thing I can think of is a bad solenoid or problem with the trunk lock disable next to the button, the ignition key slot. Or a bad contact there.
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