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Germans to Go it Alone


I am sure this is nothing new but the February Automobile Magazine
has a good article of automakers backing off diesel production.
The article says GM, Ford, Honda and Nissan are definitely out of the diesel market for the near future. THey also say Subaru has not formally nixed diesel but is exploring more hybrid technology. They say Mazda may do the CX-7 and CX-9 in diesel. GM has abandoned the diesel in its Duramax heavy duty truck after a lot of cash for R and D.

That of course leaves Bimmer with the 335d and X5 here and the Mercedes 2 or 3 SUV's and I think Jeep CHerokee.

The article sites unstable fuel prices, peoples unfamiliarity with diesel fuel and high gas prices in Europe for the diesel only being popular in Europe and not here. Such a load of XXXX about people being not familiar with Diesel.
What is there to do other than find a station that sells it and put the pump handle in the gas tank. OMG you would think we are a nation of idiots.
One article also pointed out the 335d has more torque that a chevy Corvette.

I even had a guy two weeks ago yelling at me at a gas station saying "heh that pump is for diesel" What a kick!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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