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Stupid Routan commercials

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Has anyone else seen those dumb Routan commercials? I like Brooke Shields but are they supposed to be ironic? I prefer the talking classic bug. I'm not the only one...


Let's get one thing off our chests right away: VW's Routan minivan was not engineered in Germany. Instead, it is a mildly refinished version of the Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country twins. We guess that makes these vans triplets, which goes along with Volkswagen's current marketing scheme, starring Brooke Shields. Obviously, it's a farce, but it sure is an odd one. Shields reports that people in America are purposely getting pregnant so that they can enjoy the "German engineering" of the new minivan. In fact, "Some 10,000 babies are born each day just for German engineering," according to Shields, who reportedly made the statistic up on the spot. Seriously, VW says that it's the most important story of our time. Ever.

This seems like a very odd way to sell minivans, and seemingly to people who don't really need them. There is nothing wrong with driving a minivan if you need one, otherwise it seems a bit wasteful to use a people mover for reasons other than moving people or their stuff. Anyway, if you need a minivan, buy one. If not... don't have kids. Or something like that.
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It's a great commercial - it got you to take notice and we're talking about it now!
It's a great commercial - it got you to take notice and we're talking about it now!
Lol, you have a point!
LOL! I guess they aren't so stupid after all. Does anyone else watch the TV show Mad Men? It's like when Don saw that VW ad "Lemon".
I've actually been seeing a lot of these commercials, they're actually just a Chryslyer badge engineered to be a VW. Ironic since VW invented the minibus.
Ironic since VW invented the minibus.
But Chrysler invented the minivan. My brother used to have one, good car.
Looks like the Touran van (not the Routan) may be coming...testing has been spotted in the US. I wish they would at least get better names?
They do have names that make sense. Golf is a gulfstream, touareg is an african tribe, scirroco is a type of desert wind.

According to wikipedia, touran is a combination of tour and sharan, the larger van. The name Sharan is derived from a Persian word meaning "Carrier of Kings
...and Routan is French for Chrysler.
Please change the title of the thread, lol!:nana2::nana2:
...and Routan is French for Chrysler.
It's smart though, they don't have to spend money on building their own car and I'm sure Chrysler is probably giving a good deal right now, lol
I read on winding road that the Routan uses only the high level Chrysler engine and new suspension tuning. In fact, Chrysler was so impressed with the new suspension that they are considering putting it on the Town and Country. Don't know how accurate this is but it makes sense that they wanted to tweak it for the autobahn even though the Routan is sold only in North America...
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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