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Strange: Jetta "Grocery Bag Holders"

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I am new to my Jetta Sport Wagen and have trying to figure out how to use the chrome rear attachment points that the dealer told us were for holding grocery bags. Strange.

Perhaps some can enlighten me on how to use this piece of German engineering?

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They have three positions:


Hook attachment point:

Bag hanger:

Bag hanger with bag:

Also, the floor of the JSW has several positions it can be put in to keep things from sliding around. Here is one of them, with the stops visible for a smaller opening position:

Hope that helps!
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The bag clips don't hold much. I use one handle on the bag to get more utility. Nice try though.
Excellent reply, jonpaulbaker. The visuals help so much!

I have not yet needed to tie anything down in my '10 SW/tdi. Hanging grocery bags is generally successful, with some failures. (The bags are just a bit too tall, and tend to rest on the floor, and come loose.)

My JSW came with a trunk liner, which makes it a bit tough to access the trunk compartments - I was quite pleasantly pleased when I discovered them a few days after I drove it home!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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