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Still rough idle after Bal. Shaft Upgrade...

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We just recently purchased our '05 Passat Wagon TDI, and when we purchased it I had done a lot of reading on the Balance Shaft issue and saw that a rough idle when in Drive or Reverse with the brake on was a sign that the oil pump would need to get switched over to the gear driven system.

So we purchased all the parts and just had it all taken care of this last week. I picked up from the mechanics, started it up, and it felt AMAZINGLY good. Driving it home that night, there was not an issue in the world, felt like a TDI should. Since then however the vibration has returned and in some cases my wife says it has gotten worse than before the oil pump upgrade. So, I am wondering if anyone here as any ideas/thoughts as to what this could be.

I read that it excess vibration may be caused by the fuel filter needing to get changed so I JUST changed that, went easy no issues, but now i need to know if there is something else other than motor/tranny mounts that would cause the same strength in vibrations.

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If you put the car in neutral, does the vibration go away?

If so, one of the CV joints is likely going bad. It could be a coincidence because I don't see the joints being damaged during the balance shaft job or they were bad but you didn't notice it. FYI, I don't know who said that the rough idle when in drive or reverse with the brake on was a sign that the oil pump needed to be switched over because it's not. That symptom is normally the CV joints.

Who did the balance shaft repalcement? If they didn't tighten the bolts correctly the gears could be walking out of position. You don't have to set the gear backlash - they have a coating that wears away and sets it but you do have to press on the gear so that it's tightened correctly.

It's almost certainly not the fuel filter.
I actually just switched the half shaft about two weeks ago, passenger side had a torn boot and the driver side is showing wear but the boot has not torn through yet.

The balance shaft replacement was done by a local mechanic, and I don't know about the tightening of the bolts correctly or not...that is a very good question to ask/look into.

Thanks for the info/update I will read through and see if I can find the info on the bolt torque for the balance shaft module gears. :)

I forgot to mention that when the car is in neutral and park the vibration does go away.

I also read that if you use a "cheap" chinese half shaft it can/will cause excess vibrations as well, do you know if this is true? I just installed a new half shaft last week that was not purchased from VW, bought through O'Reilly's here is the half shaft purchased: http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/d...en&model=Passat&vi=1431762&pt=01424&ppt=C0362
YES, that's what's causing the problem, 99%. Return the axle and get another one or avoid another lousy rebulit axle and get a genuine VW/Audi Replacement. Raxles.com supposedly sells good axles. OEM are also very good but as you've found out, the joints do go bad.
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