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Still great deals, found a passat wagon for 3400

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I was collecting ads for the classifieds, found a 96 passat wagon and the guy was asking 3400.

It needed new suspension, brakes, and AC fix, but those are things you would probably replace anyways. The turbo replace would be a chance to upgrade it or you could just put a cheap used turbo in there. Even a brand new turbo with misc parts is only about $600-700.

Still good deals out there if you look long enough.
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I'll bet that if you were to call that guy, he would have 10 other people wanting to buy the car. I saw an ad where the guy was doing a silent auction after he got a lot of interest. Not illegal or unethical since I suppose he never agreed to sell the car, but it's a seller's market for the TDI.
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