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mk v golf 2lts sdi steering packed in warning light came on in dash parked up after 10 mins tried again worked ok had fault code 00003 cleared code warning light goes out ok after 5 secs not sure what to do next

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From the ross tech wiki: http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/00003 could it be related to the battery?
00003 - Control Module: Defective

Possible Causes

  • Control Module faulty
  • Control Module Software Issue
Possible Solutions

  • Check Control Module
    • Check for Control Module Software Update
  • Replace Control Module
Special Notes

  • When found in Radio OR Radio Navigation System, check Measuring Value Block (MVB) 025.1 for Details.
    • Measuring Value Block 025.1 (MVB) may not be supported by all Radios OR Radio Navigation Systems
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