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Long time lurker, first post. So here goes.. a bit moded, 2003 Jetta tdi, stage I rocket chip, stage 1 cam, vnt 17 turbo egr delete. About a month ago I had a leaky head gasket over pressurizing coolant. So new head gasket, timing belt and ARP head bolts. Ran pretty good adjusted timing to just advanced of TDC (VCDS) also 1 year old Bosch starter and a brand new battery. I have been having trouble starting it now. It locks up like hydrostatic lock. If I let the car sit and idol for 15 min or so before shutting it off it usually will fire right up. But if I just shut it off right away and go out an hour later, locks up (not every time but most of the time). I have to hit the key 5-10 times to get it to go. Looked at voltage output with VCDS, reads 13.8-14.3. So I am baffled, could it possibly be a leaky injector draining into cylinder? IQ’ ranged from -.84, .94, -.68 and .86. If it’s a leaky injector (how do I tell ) I’ll send out for new nozzles and injector tuning. Didn’t want to modify IQ settings or do hammer mod if it’s a leaky injector, as I would do it after injector swap out. Any ever see this? Exactly like hydrostatic lock in a gasser.
Any help would be awesome as I am at a loss here!

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First posts normally go in introductions else you could get a free fix and we never see you again!!!

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