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Hi there,
I have two problems:

I have tried two starters and both result in the same problems (I haven't tested them after I've taken them off but they were okay going on). When I turn the key there is a half-second delay in the starter and then it makes a single click and either turns over the car or doesn't.
-what do you think it is? a faulty connection? where would I check? I've cleaned all the wires before putting them on. I've been advised it might be the 'ground' wire but I don't know where that is.

I also have a wobble when I brake. Warped rotor?

Doubly thanks

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check this. If you have tried 2 starters it's probably not the starter. Ignition key or broken wire along the ignition key. Trace the terminal 50 plug as pictured in the above link. Look for rubbing or chaffed wiring. If it's intermittent that's a likely source of the problem. Testing the terminal 50 plug is also in the above link.

The brake wobble could be a number of things. The obvious is warped rotor or brakes totally worn down. It could also be the suspension bushings - but those should also have other symptoms.
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