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Yes, you have 6.5 speakers and I think you have tweeters too. You can make cheap speakers sound good, but most of the time they don't end up that way. I would suggest component speakers and placing the woofer in the door. Then put foam soundproofing behind it. Soundproofing will make the speaker sound better because the door acts like an enclosure. Ever see a speaker that wasn't in a box? Same with the speaker in your door.

Don't buy the mat soundproofing at the store because it is a rip off. Read this and you will learn a lot about soundproofing. I can't make a writeup on speakers since there is already a lot of informatinon out there and they are constantly changing speaker models.

Honestly, better speakers sound better. Don't worry about getting something with a huge watt rating, but you want something decent. Infiniti makes good component speakers.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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