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soundproofing "how to"article finished

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this is applicable to all cars, but the pictured car is a passst wagon.

I used edead, which is popular on ebay, but I wish I had used raammat. AFter handling both, it's pretty obvious tat edead is 1/2 the price because it's 1/2 the quality. It takes more time to apply 2 layers anyways and I don't know if it's equal to 1 layer of the good stuff.

linky here

I definitely noticed a differnce.
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cool, I've been meaning to do that. How much did what you see there cost?
Obviously, I had all of the tools, etc. I bought a 120 sq foot area for $130 shipped. The amount of soundproofing material to do the rear area was about $30. Each door was about $15. I probably should have added a little more, so $20.

I just wish I had bought raammat since it's much better. If you don't care about very good results, the ebay stuff is fine. But for the labor, why not spend an extra $100 and get stuff that is really good?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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