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I've searched this site for a long time keeping an eye out for just the perfect situation but couldnt find anything. So I figured I should start a thread, Ive got a 2004 Golf with virtually no power, Like a lot of uson here.Its a 1.9 TDI BEW I believe, 250k Auto, hatchback) Anytime before 190* it wont go over 25mph (every time never resets apon restart). Once it gets to opp temp it has virtually no power, its a month of Sundays to get to 55mph. There is a CEL for "no communication to ABS module" but thats a recent problem and it has had a bad ABS unit for a long time. (I recently put a new one on, but now it wont communicate to reprogram Code 18057 Databus Drivetrain missing message from ABS) So thats another problem all together (although I wouldnt mind some help with that also)..

As far as the ultra low power goes. I have a Autel Maxisys scanner and every thing looks normal..
*Boots actual vs specified is almost exactly the same, max's out about 20PSI
*I have Removed CAT (no difference)
*I checked the intake with a camera scope, its only about 5-8% clogged. Its has just a small amount of soot throughout.
*The electronic throttle flapper is working fine (fully opens and closes)
*I checked the EGR dashpot vacuum valves, all working fine
*Turbo vanes working smoothly both by hand and vacuum
*Swapped N75 no difference
*Turbo has a small amount of play though not much and spins freely
*Changed intercooler Original had a crack (did have some oil though not what I would consider a ton)
*Changed fuel filter (took the old one and drained it back out through intake side, was only nominally dirty)
*Has a good amount of vacuum stored in the lines when I dissconnect the line, I can hear it whoosh
*Normal amount of smoke nothing out of the ordinary
*I can hear the turbo spooling up sounds good
*Normal cranking sound (no easy crank cylinders as in non with low compression)
*New Mass airflow
*No difference with air cleaner lifted (free flow)
*No blow fueses
*I pulled the metal lines for the EGR they looked really clean as well
*Turbo temp pretty normal 474.8F at 1800 after driving up and down some hills
*Turbo Hoses firmly clicked in place
*Idles smooth

It does have a small leak in the exhaust manifold but its not all that big yet. Still hold pressure well enough.
I was also wondering about the "Atmospheric, Pressure" it reads 999.6 at all times. I am wondering if this may may have something to do with it?
It seems to be building boost just fine but has no power when you pull out. I see the cyl deviation at
at 900 Rpms (at 190" temp is)
Cyl 1.... -1.06
Cyl 2.... -0.42
Cyl 3.... 0.38
Cyl 4.... 1.11
at 2982 Rpms
Cyl 1.... -64
Cyl 2.... -24
Cyl 3.... -46
Cyl 4.... -47
I've looked but couldnt really find much on the Deviation, whats good and whats bad, or a tleast what the spec is or even if it would give it ultra low pwer without a CEL.
So... Thats the story of my turd. I am about to push it off a cliff into a river. So any help would be great~!
Based on your comments above, a few things to look at;
Have the battery CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) tested. NAPA or others will do this for free.
Check the wiring harness connections located on the firewall below the windshield. Remove the plastic tray which covers this area to gain access. On occasion, there can be poor connectivity and simply removing and replacing the connectors will help. It would also be a good idea to clean the connections with some electrical contact cleaner while you have them apart.
Check the quality of the fuel in your tank, is it fresh? It would be a good idea to add a bottle of Power Service fuel supplement to the tank while you are at it.
Check the MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor.
Check the lift pump (in the fuel tank, access hatch is under the rear seat) operation. When you turn the key to "on" position, you should hear the pump run for a few seconds. It also has a built in filter screen which could become clogged.

Let us know how you get on.
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