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Hello everyone,

I have a black/grey smoking issue with my 2005 Golf mk5 1.9 tdi (bkc engine), only when I am accelerating carefully, I can see it in the mirror and it is very annoying. For example: I am in 2nd gear at 1200 rpm press the pedal to rev up with the traffic, the car is struggling to accelerate and here comes the smoke until I shift, but if I accelerate with full throttle no smoke car is accelerating as it should. I experience it 60-70% of the time. I also can hear strange sound (like you say quickly: fuw-fuw-fuw-fuw) up on hills with full throttle which comes with small pulling on the body for 1-2 sec.

First thing I changed the MAF (3 times), after I fixed the lose intercooler hose with doggy collar, which reduced the amount of the smoke. Cleaned the throttle body and the EGR valve. The new MAF also reduced the smoke, but this issue still exist, and still have smoke but less. Without MAF everything works normal no smoke no noise, except MPG and reduced power.

I put the car on VCDS, here is the graph with the brand new MAF:
Text Plot Line Parallel Font

As you can see the EGR actual not following the EGR specified, may be vacuum leak?

And here comes the second issue, after this I wanted to test the oxygen sensor and check the misfires, but VCDS says those are not installed see picture:

Text Font Software Technology Line

Any idea how to turn on those?

Anyway no fault codes in engine section, but in OBD section I have a current DTC: "emission related fault codes" and a pending DTC: "pending emission related fault codes".


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First posts normally go in introductions else you could get a free fix and we never see you again!!!

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Search Ross-Tech forum. If you have a genuine cable then register it online VCDS Dongle Registration then you can join the forum and make a new thread about you problem. With a full AutoScan attached.
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